Lucky Charms

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Razor Jack

By Razor Jack
On 27th January, 2014
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Lucky Charms


Lucky charm of your choice that sits in your notification bar reminding you of your luck any time you look at your phone
This is an app that could make things finally go your way! It's is a Lucky Charm whenever you need one. Just choose the charm that best fits the situation and watch things go your way! With several charms to choose from, you're sure to have the right one when you need it!
Going to the casino? Make sure you take along your Lucky Charm! Got a tough test in History tomorrow? Better take along a Lucky Charm to ensure you do well!
This is for entertainment purposes only.

What's New
1. Removed All Airpush Notification Ads
2. Optmized Application Performance
3. Compliant with all Google Policies
4. New Updated Graphics

Size: 5.3 Mb
Version: 1.0
Requires Android 2.1 or higher

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