LOST in Blue MOD APK 1.90.1 (Full Version)

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Harry Patel

By Harry Patel
On 13th May, 2022
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LOST in Blue MOD APK 1.90.1 (Full Version)


Lost in Blue MOD APK is a role-playing game in which the main goal is to survive on an island. In the game, players will dwell on a deserted island with zombies and pirates, and they must do whatever they can to survive. The island's resources are plentiful, but you must seek them out and use them responsibly. The game's content is highly realistic, and the day and night cycles are dynamic!

Fight in a variety of natural surroundings, including raging volcanoes, icy glaciers, and other severe challenges like zombie varieties, militias, and wildlife. Make every effort to return to your house.

Features of LOST in Blue MOD APK 1.90.1 (Full Version)

  • 1. If your buddies are also there, invite them to play with you; it will be a lot more fun.
  • 2. You can choose a player and create a character before starting the game.
  • 3. On the solitary island, all you have to do is find the exit swiftly so you may depart as soon as possible.
  • 4. Play a survival battle game in a post-apocalyptic environment with your buddies and upgrade your weaponry.
  • 5. Collect various resources on desert islands to construct props and weapons, etc. in a completely new battlefield.
  • 6. To secure yourself and fend off wild monsters, construct homes and install traps and obstacles.

What's New in LOST in Blue MOD APK 1.90.1 (Full Version)

  • 1. Survival Training is now available as a new feature. Build the Training Station in your Home Camp to get started.
  • 2. Total Invasion is now live as a limited-time Home Invasion variant.
  • 3. Island Guide is added to improve player experience.
  • 4. The size for Home Camps are significantly expanded.
  • 5. Various new items, including a new firearm weapon, are added to the Shop.
  • 6. The legendary skin Pink Rabbit will soon be available in the Fortune Wheel.
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