Infinite Flight APK 22.04.01

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Harry Patel

By Harry Patel
On 20th June, 2022
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Infinite Flight APK 22.04.01


Free Download Infinite Flight - Flight Simulator MOD APK for your android mobile phone and tablet from Android Mobile zone.

Infinite Flight Simulator is a simulation game; the game is developed by Flying Development Studio LLC.

Features of Infinite Flight APK 22.04.01

  • Play more than 35 aircrafts
  • All major projects are included
  • Qatar air bus and many other flights are available
  • Time and weather condition is complete available
  • Manage all the flights at once for difficult task

What's New in Infinite Flight APK 22.04.01

  • NEW
  • • Messages indicating the requirements for ground services to activate
  • • Navigation data update (airport changes + new FAA procedures in USA)
  • • Destination missing in logbook
  • • Callsign page prefix showing twice
  • • Replay duration formatting
  • • Issue where tapping brakes caused GSE animations to pause
  • 22.04
  • Discover new Ground Service Equipment and taxiway lighting to make ground operations even more realistic! Visit for full details

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