Garena Free Fire MOD APK + OBB 1.68.1

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Harry Patel

By Harry Patel
On 2nd December, 2021
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Garena Free Fire MOD APK + OBB 1.68.1


Garena Free Fire MOD APK or Free Fire battlegrounds MOD APK is the newest adrenaline fueled fun game With amazing tactical gameplay experiences. the game is more like battle royale style It’s an awesome sky diving, good will hunting & last man standing war. Just land on an island where 100 players are dropped off from a plane find the hidden loot & battle to the death. If you have played PUBG MOBILE then you will not need any instructions about this game at all. Free Fire MOD APK is simply a lite version of PUBG Mobile.

Just like Any battle royale game you will be jumping from the sky. Find weapons and survive in the open field. Don’t stay hidden at one place only as the map keeps on shrinking every minute You are warned before this happens. But once it starts and you’re caught outside the circle your health starts dropping until you die or come inside the circle to stop health from dropping. The good thing about Garena Free Fire MOD APK is that it is exactly the same as any battle royale game.

Auto sprint is a welcome feature with heavily tuned touchscreen playability. The game wants you to sign in either through guest username or facebook ID but the drawback about guest ID is that whenever delete the game & reinstall it you will lose all your progression. so the Facebook ID is the only option. The MOD APK Free Fire also gives you the freedom to create your character which involves gender, skin, color & hair but it has nothing to do with the gameplay.


Features of Garena Free Fire MOD APK + OBB 1.68.1

  • * Survival shooter in its original form
  • * 10 minutes, 50 players, epic survival goodness awaits
  • * Squad of 4 men, with in-game voice chat
  • * Fast 4v4 game mode is now open 24/7! Manage your economy, buy weapons and defeat the enemy squad!
  • * Realistic and fluid graphics

What's New in Garena Free Fire MOD APK + OBB 1.68.1

  • 1. Clash Squad Season 10 - Begins 12/02 17:00 GMT+8.
  • 2. Lone Wolf is available again for a limited time only!
  • 3. New rank - Master - now available in Clash Squad.
  • 4. Matchmaking for Craftland now available.
  • 5. Assist notifications now available.
  • 6. New Weapon MAC10.
  • 7. Map balancing for Mill and Academy in Bermuda - Clash Squad.
  • 8. New Armor Attachments available in the Battle Royale.
  • 9. Lobby UI Revamp.

– Shooting Range Increased
– Aim Assist
– No Recoil


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