Days After MOD APK 7.6.0

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Harry Patel

By Harry Patel
On 13th October, 2021
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Days After MOD APK 7.6.0


Days After MOD APK is a post-apocalyptic survival simulation game. Players will have to survive in the most harsh apocalyptic age in the game. There are not only diverse types of humanity assaulting you as a result of mutations, but also entrenched robbers. Because the gangsters are wicked, players in the game must exercise extreme caution and allow themselves to cope with a variety of circumstances in order to have the best chance of surviving. Days After MODDED APK is available for download, which includes Unlimited Coins, Free Craft, and Unlimited Items.

Features of Days After MOD APK 7.6.0

  • 1. Perform a variety of chores in return for increasingly valuable survival items.
  • 2. Super freedom, finish your various equipment production, and improve your apocalyptic survival circumstances.
  • 3. The greater the difficulty, the larger the prize, and only the challenge may earn more benefits.
  • This game is quite good as a stand-alone mobile game that is not linked to the Internet.
  • One of these games features a krypton gold system, in which all anomalous objects are cut out and cleaned one by one.

What's New in Days After MOD APK 7.6.0

  • - Plane crash location: a new area to explore.
  • - Jane’s supply crates have become more useful.
  • - A rug for your home makes it comfy. Moreover, you will always appear on the doorstep of your house after entering it.
  • - A shotgun damages several enemies and becomes more helpful to complete the Airdrop.
  • - The Trashman wouldn’t respawn infinitely anymore after re-entering his area.
  • - The chocolate boxes for the girls are easier to obtain now.
  • - Balance improvements and bug fixes.

Free Craft | Max Durability | God Mode

Building Shelter is bugged because of Free Craft MOD so we have added MOD MENU which you can use to turn off FREE CRAFT MOD easily and build your shelter. after that you can easily turn on the mod


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