Android Task Manager

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Razor Jack

By Razor Jack
On 27th January, 2014
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Android Task Manager


Android Task Manager application is the overall system application.
Task, Application, Sd card, Device, memory management system information can be managed in a single shot.

Task Management (Tasks)

- Real-time process list
- Multi-select option available, command support
- If you hold the specified item, manage menu will appear.(On the Settings page, you can specify the click action)
- List of service, background, empty applications.
* Service Process : Hidden service to users, but running process (mp3 music playing, atmospheric transmission network, etc.). Should be reviewed when ending.
* Background Process : Hidden applications which can be safely ended.
* Empty Process : End-able process. Cached application
- Used Memory information
- Package information
- The process stop, restart, delete, and detailed information
- Add exception list and exception list management
- Auto-End task
- Shake-End task
- Startup-End task
- One-touch-End task
- Favorite application list(Widget service support)
- Application share(Recommendation)

Application Management (Applications)

- Multi-select, command support
- If you touch the item, manage menu will appear.(On the Settings page, you can specify the click action)
- A list of installed applications
- Package information
- App Version information
- App file size
- Application execution, deletion, update confirm, evaluation, comment, and details
- Backup to SD Card
- Application search
- Favorite application list
- Application share(Recommend)

Size: 887 Kb
Version: 2.9.5
Requires Android 2.0 or higher

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